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HarnMaker is a character generator for the HarnMaster role playing game. Users can roll, create, and edit characters. Please see for more information on HarnMaster.

Operating Systems

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  •  29 Sep 2007 01:53

Release Notes: A ported to Qt 4, PDF export, and miscellaneous improvements and fixes.

  •  30 Jan 2006 03:22

No changes have been submitted for this release.

  •  01 Jan 2006 19:49

Release Notes: This version is a complete from-scratch rewrite of the old 0.3.2 Harnmaker. This release is "beta", and the final 0.4.0 release will be shortly.

  •  17 May 2002 02:41

Release Notes: This version adds QT3 and Win32 compatibility. There was also a moderate UI redesign.

  •  30 Jan 2001 06:12

    Release Notes: In addition to some defect squashing, application configuration and character files have been converted over to XML format. Game data is loaded from XML files, allowing near infinite customization by the user.


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