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  •  06 Jul 2007 17:54

Release Notes: This is primarily a package update for the 1.6.6-snapshot release. It includes gcc 4.2, glibc 2.5 and kernel (this time with the ne2k_pci network driver).

Release Notes: Different packages were updated. The documentation package now includes HTML files instead of a PDF file. This release also includes permission fixes in the binutils package and a kernel.

Release Notes: This release includes a new alpha version package called aaa_hl_pdfdoc that includes the PDF documentation of Hardened Linux. The kernel was also updated from to, including the latest grsec kernel patch. All 'universe' packages were removed from the ISO, and will be available with slackpkg in coming releases. Some unnecessary packages have been removed, and some existing ones upgraded. The default install size is only 474 MB; the full install needs around 500 MB.

Release Notes: This release includes a kernel. PaX is now configured to use SEGMEXEC. The Compiler was upgraded from gcc-3.4.4 to gcc-4.1.1. Some new tools (nano, amavisd-new, and CUPS) were added. There is a new package category called "universe" including packages not really needed by a security distribution like HL. Some tools were updated, and some were fixed and patched to compile with gcc-4.1.1.


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