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Release Notes: http_auth_group was broken in dev9, and would only validate users without checking groups. The connection's destination address could not be fetched anymore, breaking dst ACL and transparent mode, among other things. "timeout tunnel" has been added for easier WebSocket configuration. A rework of the poller has brought a global performance increase of up to around 10%. Users of 1.5 should not use 1.5-dev9, and should switch to -dev10 instead.

Release Notes: Support was introduced for per-IP accounting and filtering based on connection counts, rates, byte counts, rates, error counts and rates, and a few other criteria. It is now possible to filter very early at the connection level based on these critieria, resulting in a measured protection capacity of more than 200000 connections per second. This is the first development version of branch 1.5, which should be released around the end of the year. This version is in sync with all the fixes that are available in 1.4.8, and appears reliable enough to be used in production if needed.

Release Notes: Haproxy can now read huge ACL pattern lists from files and match inputs against them without any noticeable performance impact, making geolocation possible. It also adds a new "ignore-persist" directive, allowing it to ignore the persistence cookie if an ACL-based condition is matched (which is useful for static objects in stateful farms). There were a few other minor improvements and a nice performance boost of the log analyzer, which can now process more than 1 GB of logs per second and report request counts by status codes.

Release Notes: The rework of its internal achitecture for more flexibility was continued. This release adds features such as CLF log format, RDP protocol, a new, improved interactive CLI and HTML stats page, support for HTTP+SSL on the same port, more than 64k concurrent connections, smart TCP optimizations to reduce the number of packets in a session, runtime-adjustable buffer size, and support for forcing the TCP MSS on frontends. Keep-alive development has started and SSL integration is planned. The code has stabilized.


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