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  •  25 Jun 2012 21:49

    Release Notes: This release fixes several bugs and adds support for Microsoft's Visual Studio 2010. The legacy file format of hamsterdb 1.0.9 and older is no longer supported. Sources and precompiled libraries for Win32 (x86 and x64) are available for download.

    •  28 Apr 2012 06:50

      Release Notes: This release makes hamsterdb thread-safe. A bug in the freelist was fixed. Boost is now required. Sources and pre-compiled win32/win64 libraries are available for download.

      •  19 Feb 2012 22:13

        Release Notes: This release adds a few minor features like setting a custom path for log files and re-enabling approximate matching for use with Transactions. A few bugs were fixed as well. Sources and precompiled Win32/Win64 libraries are available for download.

        •  23 Jan 2012 01:47

          Release Notes: This is the first stable release of the 2.x branch. It features a complete re-implementation of the Transaction support, now allowing an unlimited number of Transactions in parallel. It integrates the Java and .NET APIs. Sources, documentation, and prebuilt libraries for Win32 (including .NET and Java) are available on the (redesigned) webpage.

          •  29 Nov 2011 22:42

            Release Notes: This release further stabilizes the 2.x branch and fixes all known issues from the previous rc2 release. Performance was improved in many areas. Sources and precompiled Win32 libraries are available for download on the Web page.

            •  21 Oct 2011 21:06

              Release Notes: This release improves performance and scalability for databases with several million items. It fixes a bug when erasing extended keys caused an SMO (btree re-balancing). A new function ham_cursor_get_record_size was introduced. The cache size is now a 64-bit variable and can be > 4 GB. Large files were enabled on 32-bit Linux.

              •  11 Oct 2011 21:46

                Release Notes: This is the first stabilization release of the new (unstable) 2.0.0 branch, which re-implemented the Transaction handling. Several bugs were fixed, and most of the code was refactored. A C++ compiler is now required to compile hamsterdb. All new features and bugfixes of 1.1.14 (will be released soon) were merged. This release is not ready for production. There will be at least one more stabilization release.

                •  22 Aug 2011 10:35

                  Release Notes: This release fixes a performance regression when aborting Transactions. During abort, hamsterdb tried to re-create pages from the transaction log, even if they were not modified in the current Transaction. This was correct but unnecessary and caused a performance drop. Sources and precompiled Win32 binaries are available for download.

                  •  04 Jul 2011 21:57

                    Release Notes: This version is a bugfix release for 1.1.11, which had an issue in the cache purge routines. They were called, but they never completed successfully, which caused the memory consumption to grow. This is fixed; the memory consumption is now stable. Sources, changelog, and precompiled Win32 libraries are available for download.

                    •  29 Jun 2011 11:12

                      Release Notes: This is a bugfix release. When using transactions, 1.1.10 would sometimes flush the file handles even if HAM_WRITE_THROUGH is not enabled. This caused a performance regression of up to 30%. In addition to this bugfix, the ./configure switch “–enable-internal” was removed and is now enabled by default. Sources, changelog, and precompiled Win32 libraries are available for download.


                      Project Spotlight


                      A tool that shows histograms of used byte-values in files.


                      Project Spotlight

                      Aspose.Imaging for Java

                      An image processing and manipulation component.