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libhal++ is a C++ wrapper library for libhal and libhal-storage. It has an API similar to glibmm/gtkmm and cairomm (yet requires only sigc++ for managing callbacks), and wraps the C libhal API into a compact and usable C++ API without any fancy additions.

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Recent releases

  •  24 Nov 2006 06:19

    Release Notes: The footprint of using libhal (and thus hald, the hal daemon) was considerably lowered by adding property watches for Hal::Devices only as needed, as well as making Hal::Devices essentially singletons within internal storage and management of the Hal::Context, and handing out RefPtr wrapped instances of the singletons if already instantiated. The public API remains unchanged as it was within the 0.4 releases.

    •  21 Nov 2006 05:28

      Release Notes: The main namespace name was changed from "HAL" to "Hal". Hal::Device::get_property_type_() was added along with the ability to run a list of udis through a filter, Hal::Context::filter_device_list(). This could be used to find all devices that are on bus "usb", or to provide filtering by any other name and type of property.

      •  20 Nov 2006 15:14

        Release Notes: HAL::Drive and HAL::Volume are now derived from HAL::Device and hence their PropertySet can be directly accessed using Device's PS interface. Device-related signals and notifications (property-modified, new-capability, lost-capability, device-condition) are now part of HAL::Device itself (and hence also of Drive and Volume). Further code cleanups were made and the Doxygen in-code documentation was extended.

        •  19 Nov 2006 23:02

          Release Notes: The libhal-storage API has been wrapped, and a lot of code cleanups in general in the previous codebase have been made. The library version has been changed, and the API is not compatible with 0.1 anymore. This is unfortunate, but changes from now on will be much less vast.

          •  19 Nov 2006 12:27

            Release Notes: This initial release wraps most of the libhal API relevant for applications. Methods and functions relevant only to hald-addons have not been wrapped yet and are not scheduled to be wrapped in the next releases, as libhal++ is focusing on applications rather than hald-addon daemon development.


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