Version 0.99.4 of System Garden Habitat

Release Notes: This releaes adds new features to display CSV and tabular text files, and now sizes its graphs to a suggested maximum, which is great for percentage displays. The host information is displayed in more places and there were several bugfixes in the handling of data.

Other releases

  •  21 Feb 2012 00:39

Release Notes: Habitat 2.0 has now reached alpha and is ready for testing. It sports a new interface based on Gtk 2.x/3 with simplified navigation and is made faster by using client-side data caching. Default storage is now reduced in size by using periodic optimization to remove old data. Functionality and platform coverage will increase as testing continues and the authors shake out the GUI bugs (check the README for the current issues list). The website and documentation have been updated, and there are binaries for Linux. The Alpha is stand alone with peer-to-peer connectivity.

  •  09 Jun 2010 13:28

    Release Notes: This release adds minor (but vital) fixes to long-term reliability. Restarting of the daemon from the job table has been fixed and re-enabled, and there is now a job to restart it every 24 hours. Job tables now run from the filesystem by default, with multiple tables supplied for different modes of operation. There's a new script for the daemon status, a new job method to shut down completely, and more error messages.

    •  23 Mar 2010 08:20

      Release Notes: This version enables the process probe by default but with a new filter to limit the data collected and save space. The filter ignores mostly idle processes (under 1%) and is easy to customise with a simple set of directives, including floating point values. Outbound replication to Harvest was refactored and improved. 64-bit builds are now supported, and an experimental build for Mac OS X (X11/macports) was included (although with no collection yet).

      •  03 Jun 2009 14:48

      Release Notes: This is a minor bugfix release to allow Linux sessions to run for longer, to give better fonts for Gtk 1.x compatibility, and to collect some VM metrics.

      •  03 Jan 2009 14:49

      Release Notes: The repository is now implemented for download over the Internet, using Harvest as mass central storage. Many bugs were fixed. Binaries are now provided for Fedora, Ubuntu, Mandriva, and Solaris 10.


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