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  •  27 Jun 2009 09:41

Release Notes: The new storage mechanism is now alpha quality. java.util.UUID is now supported. The Polish translation has been improved. The fulltext search has been improved.

  •  29 Nov 2008 14:20

Release Notes: The emergency reserve file has been removed. The DATEDIFF function is now compatible with MS SQL Server. Improved plugins for ActiveObjects and Oracle Toplink Essential are included. The cache memory usage calculation is more conservative. Large databases on FAT file systems are now supported. The database now tries to detect if the Web application is stopped. A memory leak in the fulltext search is fixed. The JaQu object-relation mapping tool has been improved.

  •  17 Oct 2008 12:15

Release Notes: OSGi is now supported. Improved Glassfish/Toplink support has been added. Compatibility with MS SQL Server has been improved for linked tables. Queries with more than ten tables are now faster. Opening large databases is now faster. New ISO date functions have been implemented. Local temporary tables now support indexes. The automatic server and re-connect features have been improved.

Release Notes: Row level locking is now enabled when using MVCC (multi version concurrency). Multiple processes can now access the same database. The SHOW SQL statement is now supported. The linked table can now share a connection, and can be read-only, temporary, and point to different schemas. The storage re-use algorithm and the hash calculation for byte arrays are faster.

Release Notes: Column aliases can now be used in GROUP BY and HAVING. Java methods with variable number of parameters can now be used. MySQL date functions were added. The Japanese translation has been improved.

Release Notes: JaQu (Java Query), a tool similar to LINQ (Language Integrated Query from Microsoft) is now included. Deadlocks are now detected. Compatibility with other databases such as Oracle or Apache Derby has been improved. Java methods can now be overloaded. It is no longer allowed to create columns with the data type 'null'. Opening large databases was sometimes very slow.

Release Notes: The parameter meta data now returns the right data type for most cases. A new column for getting the unique index name of a constraint was added to the information schema. Some SET statements no longer commit a transaction. The SYSTEM_RANGE table now supports parameters. Compatibility with PostgreSQL and MySQL was improved. Negative scale values, infinite values, and NaN (not a number) are now supported. The full-text search now supports CLOB. A security risk when passing the password as a character array was fixed.

Release Notes: The logging facade SLF4J is now supported. Dollar quoting has been implemented. Updatable result sets now see their own changes. ParameterMetaData now returns the correct data type. The Shell tool has been improved. The Japanese translation of the error messages has been completed. Triggers are no longer executed when changing the table structure. Database recovery has been improved. Temporary files are deleted earlier.

Release Notes: SQL statement statistics can be generated. The autocomplete feature in the Web-based console tool has been improved. Writing has begun on an Ant replacement that uses pure Java build definitions. The jar file is now about 10% smaller. Better protection against remote brute force password attacks. The built-in connection pool is now called JdbcConnectionPool.

Release Notes: User defined variables are now supported. The JNDI support for the H2 Console has been improved. The SCRIPT command now uses multi-row inserts to save space. The performance for large result sets, dropping objects, single column distinct queries, LIKE comparisons, and encrypted databases has been improved. The PostgreSQL compatibility has been improved. A few bugs have been fixed.


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