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Gyachl is an unofficial fork of the Gyach Enhanced project. It is a Yahoo! chat client with Webcam and voice support, environments, and an integrated profile browser.

Operating Systems

RSS Recent releases

  •  21 Dec 2007 12:11

Release Notes: This major release adds some features and contains several improvements to the Yahoo! protocol. Many bugs were fixed.

  •  24 Aug 2006 11:43

Release Notes: This version is a maintenance release. It contains important bugfixes and feature enhancements like tabbed conversation. Users are encouraged to upgrade.

  •  03 May 2006 14:19

Release Notes: The file transfer system has been fixed. It is possible to transfer files between two instances of GYachI or between GYachI and the official Windows Yahoo! client. Webcam session recording has been (partially) implemented. PLugins for encryption and XMMS are back in this release. A new voice client in C/GTK has been written (still very beta) to replace the Python scripts.

  •  16 Mar 2006 13:31

Release Notes: Changes include an added localization infrastructure (although not fully operational) as well as many bugfixes.

No changes have been submitted for this release.


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