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  •  04 Apr 2005 10:11

Release Notes: A major bug that could cause repeated disconnections has been fixed, and handling of the Yahoo mobile messenger buddy group has been improved. Webcam broadcasting support has been extended to include several additional camera devices. The spam control module has been updated, and the login window's interface has been improved. Several minor updates to IMVironment support and other features have been made.

  •  22 Jun 2004 01:54

Release Notes: Support has been added for the new Messenger 6 features, including "display images" in PM windows, avatars, audibles, and stealth settings. A new French translation, SMS support, and complete Address Book support have been added. PM windows are more customizable and offer a scrollable typing area. Problems broadcasting Webcam images to Windows users have been fixed. The buddy list has been greatly improved, new My Yahoo! content has been added, and numerous bugs have been fixed.

  •  27 Apr 2004 23:51

Release Notes: This release added a new XMMS status plugin and support for buddy groups, profile names, and Yahoo! news alerts. Major improvements were made to spam control, instant messaging, boot prevention, fader support, encryption, and accessibility. Voice chat, webcam, and sound events support were improved, and font support is now more flexible. A new profile viewer and a 'quick access' toolbar are available. The program starts faster and uses less memory, and many bugs and memory leaks were fixed.

  •  06 Mar 2004 04:45

Release Notes: This version adds instant messaging support, extends proxy support, adds a tool for configuring blended color tags, corrects problems with file sharing, improves boot prevention and spam control. It includes new buddy list icons, and support for emoticons. It improves locale, UTF-8, and logging support, and eliminates a variety of memory leaks and potential buffer overflows.

  •  12 Feb 2004 22:49

Release Notes: Full Webcam support has been added to the program, including the ability to view and send Webcam feeds over Yahoo. Two external Webcam viewers and one external Webcam broadcaster have been added. The collection of buddy list data and the ability to detect invisible friends have been greatly improved. Login passwords stored in configuration files are now encrypted for improved security, and use of the Ctrl+C shortcut key has been fixed. Numerous bugs have been corrected, and many user interface improvements have been made.

  •  13 Jan 2004 04:03

Release Notes: This release fixes login problems due to Yahoo! protocol changes. The application now has support for a backup login method, and the user interface has been enhanced through the use of GTK stock icons. Many bugs, including memory leaks, and potentially critical start-up errors, have been fixed. A tray icon has been added, and usability improvements have been made to the configuration window. Support for multi-colored faders has been implemented, and anti-spam protection has been greatly improved. Management of temporary friends and ignored users is more user-friendly.


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