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gwyple is a GUI, implemented in Perl and Perl/Tk, for handling bug reports. These reports usually arrive by email, are stored by helper scripts called from procmail, and can then be organized by gwyple independently from the used BTS.


RSS Recent releases

Release Notes: This release improves the startup behaviour.

  •  13 Aug 2003 15:56

Release Notes: This version features a minor update for the DDTP backend.

  •  12 May 2003 10:58

Release Notes: A severe bug was fixed which was introduced in 2.2.0.

Release Notes: Database backends can now register multiple file prefixes to be recognized. There is some code cleanup and performance improvements.

Release Notes: This release adds preliminary support for Bugzilla, some minor bugfixes, documentation cleanup, and a new contrib section.


Project Spotlight


A tool for editing version control repository history.


Project Spotlight

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An Oriented Architecture Query Language Server.