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Gwydion Dylan is a portable, optimizing Dylan compiler written in Dylan. It was originally written by the Gwydion Group at CMU and is now maintained by volunteers. Eventually, Gwydion Dylan is meant to become a top-notch tool for building complicated applications. Dylan is a dynamic, object-oriented language with four design goals: high performance, rapid prototyping, ease of use, and seamless support for using libraries written in C. Ports of Gwydion Dylan are available for many platforms.


Recent releases

  •  31 Oct 2004 21:46

    Release Notes: This release marks the end of feature development of a version that bootstraps using mindy. Versions 2.5 and onwards will support other means of bootstrap, probably using cross-platform compilation of generated C files. This release is considered to be of production stability, even though it still lacks certain features.

    •  15 Sep 2003 02:32

      Release Notes: This release provides improved platform support, especially workarounds for various gcc 3.x problems. Also new is precise floating point reading and writing, allowing for reliable representation of floats in text form.

      •  12 Apr 2003 22:38

        Release Notes: Further improvements were made to Common Dylan compliance, exception reporting, the Melange tool, introspection, and runtime error checking. There are workarounds for problems encountered with some versions of gcc 3.x. Support for the HP/UX PA-RISC platform has been revived, and an alpha version of support for the Mac OS X Cocoa framework is now included. Also, the testworks unit test library is provided. There's a technology demonstration of a Dylan interactor (also known as a REPL to the Lisp folks).

        •  17 Oct 2002 21:43

          Release Notes: This is probably the last release of the unstable development tree, and the basis for version 2.4, which shall be a high-quality stable release. Besides the obvious ton of bugfixes, 2.3.9 provides each-subclass slots, a rudimentary network library, greatly improved common-dylan compliance, better performance, increased debuggability, updated documentation, etc. This version comes with the quality assurance library and tests kindly provided by Functional Objects.

          •  05 Mar 2002 13:16

            Release Notes: This release fixes a lot of the bugs that were still open or have been introduced by the addition of new features. This is still not what one would consider a stable release in classical terms (many desired features are still missing), but it is the version with the fewest bugs ever. Supported platforms include Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, MacOS X and Win32. Supported architectures are x86, PowerPC, SPARC, and S/390.


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