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  •  12 Jun 2012 12:49

    Release Notes: This release features an extensive rewrite of the Canon driver, with support for many newer printers and updates for many existing printers. Support for some printers determined to be non-functional in earlier releases has been dropped. Support for some Epson printers has been added, and some bugs have been fixed.

    •  27 Dec 2011 04:58

    Release Notes: This prerelease of Gutenprint 5.2.8 primarily offers support for additional Canon inkjet and dye sublimation printers and Epson inkjet printers. It also offers many improvements for existing Canon printers and a critical bugfix for the Epson Stylus Photo R3000.

    •  04 May 2011 14:27

    Release Notes: This version adds support for many new Canon inkjet printers and several dye sublimation and Epson inkjet printers. In addition, there are many improvements for large format EPSON Stylus Pro printers. Many other bugfixes and improvements were done.

    •  11 Aug 2010 10:59

    Release Notes: This version adds support for additional Canon and Epson inkjet printers and assorted laser printers. In particular, there is now support for additional Epson Stylus Pro printers, including experimental (alpha-level) support for the Epson Stylus Pro 3800 and 3880 printers. In addition, there are a number of assorted bug fixes.

    •  12 Feb 2010 10:02

      Release Notes: This release adds support for a number of new Epson printers, fixes output size on a number of laser printers, and fixes a number of miscellaneous bugs. For the enhanced Print plugin for GIMP, this release fixes a few major problems with the PostScript output driver.

      •  23 Dec 2008 09:15

      Release Notes: This release fixes problems with translated CUPS PPD files with CUPS 1.2 and above, and fixes printing on the Epson NX100, S20, Artisan 700, Artisan 800, and related printers. It also fixes duplex support on a number of Epson printers, and finally adds initial support for some Canon printers.

      •  17 Nov 2008 01:13

      Release Notes: This release fixes printing problems with a number of Epson MFP devices, with the new Artisan inkjet printers, and with the Stylus Photo R1900. An Italian translation has been added.

      Release Notes: This is the first stable release in the 5.2 series. It offers many enhancements over 5.0, including support for many more printers, greatly improved quality and performance on many Epson inkjet printers and some others, a rewritten Postscript driver, substantial enhancements to the CUPS driver, and much more.

      •  06 Oct 2008 13:11

      Release Notes: This version features release prep for 5.2 (such as an updated user's manual and release notes). There are a few bugfixes, most notably that printing has been corrected on many Epson multi-function devices.

      Release Notes: This release offers support for globalized PPD files (all translations in one file, reducing the number of PPD files), support for additional printers, and numerous bugfixes. This is the final planned beta prior to the 5.2 stable release.


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