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  •  09 May 2004 13:24

Release Notes: Ported to GTK 2.2, better Ruby (and Python) support, and a configuration script. Tentative Slang support (and incomplete Perl support) have been added.

  •  02 Sep 2003 10:23

Release Notes: Experimental Ruby support (in addition to Python) has been added. The documentation has been clarified.

  •  30 Aug 2003 20:03

Release Notes: Guis scripting language is now (currently) Python (using the existing PyGTK binding of GTK2). A running toy application is given. Better documentation and man pages. Much more tested! A trace window is now optionally available to ease application debugging. (also, partial buggy alpha code for a QT3 equivalent)

  •  19 Sep 2002 22:25

Release Notes: Most of GTK 2 is interfaced to Guis. Many widgets are available. The input protocol is now the LUA scripting language (no more XML on input requests from application to the Guis server). The output protocol (replies or events from Guis to application) is either simple XML or equivalent S-expr lispy syntax. The bulk of the code is generated (by a generator coded in Clisp) from *.defs files borrowed from pythongnome.


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