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Guifications is a Gaim plugin that adds notification windows styled after those found in MSN, deadaim, and newer versions of AIM, Yahoo instant messenger, and a lot of other applications.


Recent releases

  •  03 Aug 2005 01:14

    Release Notes: This release fixes the "Show While Away" bug.

    •  01 Aug 2005 06:01

      Release Notes: There are now over 10,000 lines of code. New notifications correctly get the current GTK theme, width, and height settings from a master theme if it exists. New notifications will be created to use the GTK theme by default. Notifications can now have aliases in the theme editor. The context menu no longer crashes Gaim when the buddy is not on your list. A bug in the context menu was fixed for chat join/parts where IM focused the chat rather than the user.

      •  09 Apr 2005 05:54

        Release Notes: A bug where the notification height was actually being saved as the notification's width if it was using the gtk theme was fixed. The currently selected theme for a buddy list node is now properly shown. At long last, animation was implemented. Clicking on chat notifications now works again. Notification priorities were added along with information about them in the FAQ. A problem with notifications not showing on 64-bit machines was fixed and the "Show while away" preference was included again.

        •  11 Feb 2005 05:22

          Release Notes: Theme items that were partially off the notification are now rendered. Default font and background can now be set via a gtkrc. Multiple monitor support fully works on both xinerama and Win32, including setting which monitor to display the notification. All items in the text editor will now be shown in the NLS if it is translated.

          •  09 Jan 2005 09:56

            Release Notes: This release fixes the notification titles disappearing in the theme editor, and a problem with the text not showing if no font was set for the notification and the GTK theme also didn't have a font.


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