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  •  31 Dec 2004 02:43

Release Notes: This release features translation updates, XDCMP updates, adds Microsoft Media Player, Jabber over SSL, Bittorrent, rsync, distcc, and gkrellm protocols, fixes the NTP protocol, adds a PGP key server, and is updated to work with Linux 2.6 kernels.

Release Notes: This release fixes a crash which occurred if you clicked to the right of the checkboxes on the protocol page and a bug that would cause Guarddog to fail to read the existing firewall if it didn't contain at least one user defined zone. It adds a 'Connections' list that allows the user to select to which zones the current zone should be connected. The GUI has been rearranged somewhat, and is now much better layed out and sports icons and symbolic hints in places. A builtin help box has been added to the protocol panel which shows information and help about a given protocol. A lot of input boxes in the GUI have been replaced with spinboxes.

Release Notes: Protocols can now be set to deny, accept or reject. It is now possible to specify user defined protocols. i.e. to open and close specific ports. 'printer', 'syslog' and 'ntp' have now been added to the network protocol database.


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