Version 0.3.0 of Guacamole

Release Notes: The core API has been reimplemented as an extendable framework including native components.

    Other releases

    •  30 Mar 2014 16:50

      Release Notes: File transfer support is now implemented. Support for RemoteApp has been added. Public key authentication is now supported for SSH. Error handling has been improved.

      •  28 Aug 2013 19:52

        Release Notes: LDAP authentication is now supported. Graphical performance is improved. Support for connection grouping and load balancing has been added.

        •  15 Jul 2013 22:05

          Release Notes: Printing is now supported in RDP. Several bugs affecting stability and rendering in RDP have been fixed. VNC repeaters are now supported.

          •  01 Jun 2013 08:29

            Release Notes: SSH is now supported. Non-US keyboard support has been added. RDP performance has been improved. A Firefox-specific connection stability bug has been fixed. Cursor rendering in RDP for Excel, LibreOffice, and similar applications has been fixed.

            •  24 Mar 2013 12:06

              Release Notes: MySQL authentication is now officially supported. Users and connections can be managed from the Web interface when MySQL authentication is used. A VNC-specific clipboard bug has been fixed. A rendering issue which caused RDP displays to appear skewed has been resolved.


              Project Spotlight


              A compression library for lzip files


              Project Spotlight

              Sensor Readout

              Sensor readout for Android devices.