Comments for GTransferManager

25 Jul 2002 19:43 mikelward

Looks very promising, but doesn't work for me
I'm trying to use GTM with Galeon 1.2 and wget 1.8.1, and I
am unable to download any files using ftp or http (I get an
"unknown error"). Apparently the latest version has problems
with wget 1.8.1, so I eagerly await an official release that works
in my environment.

02 May 2002 20:23 Shadoglare

If only it worked
I can't get this thing to go - gives me some "CORBA user exception" error every time I try to run it.

26 Sep 2001 23:02 whitemice

Very useful
This program is a real gem. Keeps track of all the files you've downloaded, letting you fetch them again after you accidently delete them. :) No more browseing through your history to figure out where you got that RPM. Drag-and-drop as an applet works as well.


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