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  •  20 Jun 2003 18:48

Release Notes: This release adds new XML reports and minor bugfixes.

  •  20 Aug 2002 16:58

Release Notes: A bug with directories has been fixed, and there is a new plugin to work with tcprobe.

  •  03 Aug 2002 17:32

Release Notes: Directories can now be split into columns. Bugs were also fixed when files were not displayed, in the experimental GNOME 2 support with the info field, and with the progress bar.

  •  05 May 2002 18:14

Release Notes: There is an official port for FreeBSD and experimental support for Gnome 2.0.

  •  02 Apr 2002 15:23

Release Notes: Ogg Vorbis files are scanned for information if ogginfo is installed. The progress bar works better when scanning a disk (CD scanning bar was working).

  •  16 Jun 2001 09:22

Release Notes: Minor improvements.

  •  30 May 2001 22:01

Release Notes: Historics in the search box entries, an Autosave function, loading the catalog that was loaded in the previous session, and menu shortcuts.

  •  11 May 2001 17:18

Release Notes: Bugfixes, a new search box GUI, and a spec report.

  •  08 Apr 2001 19:24

Release Notes: Bugfixes, CD do not depend on the mount point for new catalogs, and merging catalogs.

  •  01 Apr 2001 01:01

Release Notes: This release includes a new man page, and new icons in preferences.


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Project Spotlight


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