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gtkmm (previously known as Gtk--) is a C++ interface for the popular GUI library GTK+. It provides a convenient interface for C++ programmers to create graphical user interfaces with GTK+'s framework. Highlights include typesafe callbacks, widgets which are extensible by inheritance, and many classes that can be easily combined to quickly create complex user interfaces.


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  •  29 Sep 2007 23:33

No changes have been submitted for this release.

Release Notes: Several new Gdk and Atk methods were added. This is the last release before the 2.5/2.6 API freeze.

Release Notes: More of the new GTK+ 2.6 API was wrapped.

Release Notes: Several new methods were added for GTK+ 2.5.

  •  01 Dec 2004 05:12

Release Notes: Some memory-management problems with rarely-used methods were fixed. Some improvements to the SUN Forte and MSVC++ .Net 2003 builds were made.

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27 Mar 2000 13:24 Avatar alpiner

Ahh, the joys of C++
After getting frustrated with all the C-style mess of Gtk+'s object-oriented structure, I decided to give Gtk-- a try. I wasn't expecting it to be very complete or reliable, but it's been pleasantly surprising. Just as I wished, my programs are now more elegant, more intuitive, and type errors are caught at compile-time rather than run-time. The documentation is not too bad (no worse than Gtk+ itself) and it includes very helpful tutorials and examples.


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