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  •  22 Apr 2008 02:36

Release Notes: This version fixes several issues and is compatible with Vala 0.3.1.

  •  24 Mar 2008 06:29

Release Notes: You can now modify properties of "existing" widgets, but only if they're also "standalone". If the parsing of the generated vala file succeeds, the generated file is removed (unless --save-temps is specified from the command-line). Line numbers of the first CDATA code block match (if possible) with the generated vala file (so you can lookup errors).

  •  03 Mar 2008 08:41

Release Notes: You can now use either hyphens or underscores in attribute names. The constructors and add functions can have default argument values specified in Gtk.implicits. The gtkaml:construct and gtkaml:preconstruct attributes support adding code to the construct {} method. The gtkaml:implements attribute was added for listing comma-separated implemented interfaces. The gtkaml:existing attribute was added for skipping the creation of a widget. The gtkaml:standalone attribute was added for skipping the add into the parent container. The Windows support was improved.

  •  09 Feb 2008 02:47

Release Notes: A segfault where a g_strjoinv () was called without a last NULL was fixed along with a bug with signal handling that missed most parameters. GtkTreeViewColumn was added as a container in implicits.ini. Reference tags were added. ',' was changed into ';' in implicits.ini for GtkTreeView.

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