Version 0.2.3 of gtkaml

Release Notes: Upgraded to Vala 0.5.6.

Other releases

Release Notes: This beta release includes a new way of interaction with the Vala compiler that enables future developments. There should be no notable differences compared to 0.4.3's functionality, other than: compatibility with Vala 0.12/0.14/0.15; source files' order from command line is not relevant anymore (previous architectural limitation); and support for custom creation methods (the construct will still be generated by gtkaml).

  •  22 Mar 2011 11:57

Release Notes: Shebang support in gtkon and build/packaging changes for Debian and others.

Release Notes: Syntax enhancements and bugfixes.

  •  09 Nov 2010 11:37

Release Notes: This release included an update to valacompiler 0.11.2, but is compatible with 0.10.2 too. Initial support for clutter was added (adding to stage) along with support for vala structs such as Clutter.Color.

  •  06 Nov 2010 01:09

Release Notes: The first version with gtkon syntax. Breaking: signal values are by default references to methods, and generate lambda body only when enclosed in braces (the behaviour is reversed wrt gtkaml 0.2.x). Issue #22, "can't find class with nested namespace", has been fixed. gtkaml builds with vala-0.10.1 and vala-0.12 from HEAD so it does not distribute .c/.h files anymore. Support for run_source with the `gtkaml' command (the source cannot start with #! yet). The --write-vala (-V) switch, which stops gtkamlc right after generating vala files, has been added.


Project Spotlight


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Project Spotlight


A command line tool to output your database schema and data in diff-able form.