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Release Notes: Application menu handling was moved from GIO to GtkApplication. Several Wayland and Quartz backend fixes were made. Handling of custom CUPS options was fixed. Other minor bugs were fixed.

Release Notes: Various enhancements were made to GtkApplication, GtkSpinButton, GtkLabel, GtkBuilder, GtkImage, and GtkUIManager. The Wayland backend was vastly improved. Theming support was improved. Several APIs were deprecated. Many bugs were fixed.

Release Notes: GtkApplication gained support for exporting application menus and menubars on the bus, as a GMenuModel. GtkSpinButtons were reworked for usability. The GtkTreeView accessibility support and the core treeview code were extensively refactored. The GtkFileChooser entry completion code was extensively refactored. Various other minor improvements and bugfixes were made.

Release Notes: The beagle search backend was dropped. GtkCellRendererAccel now supports naked keyvals, so it can be used in gnome-control-center. The Broadway backend has initial support for V7+ Web sockets. GtkApplication no longer uses gtk_main internally GtkNotebook now destroys its action widgets instead of leaking them. Various improvements were made to theming, to accessibility, and for OS X support. The Win32 port was improved to the point of actual usability. Many minor bugs were fixed.

Release Notes: GtkCellRendererAccel can now show virtual modifiers. With CSS, 'transparent' can now be used as a color. Further theming improvements were made. Several OS X improvements were made. Cross-platform key and button event handling was improved. Many minor bugs were fixed.

Release Notes: Cells can now be prelighted in GtkIconView. Population of the font list in GtkFontChooser was accelerated. Other minor bugs were fixed. Translations were updated.

Release Notes: GtkAppChooserButton can now be made to choose the default app instead of the most recently used app. The tree model refactoring was improved. The file chooser search was ported to tracker 0.12 and now uses the tracker DBus API directly. The new fontchooser API was reworked to follow more common patterns. Several minor bugs were fixed.

Release Notes: In GtkFileChooser, it is now possible to go to the containing folder of a selected file in recent files or search results. Several minor bugs were fixed.

Release Notes: The file(s) selected in GtkFileChooser can now be copied to the clipboard. The GtkTreeModelFilter and GtkTreeModelSort implementations were improved. Various minor bugs were fixed.

Release Notes: GtkFontChooserDialog was added as a newly designed font selection dialog that is intended to replace GtkFontSelectionDialog. Drawing of focus rectangles is now optional. Fixes were made for Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion). Many minor bugs were fixed.


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A PHP class to authorize and access APIs using OAuth 1.0, 1.0a, and OAuth 2.0.