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Version 2.4.9 of GTK+

Release Notes: Interface age was fixed.

Other releases

  •  08 Jul 2013 20:53

Release Notes: The configuration file and immodules cache locations were backported from GTK+3. Various minor bugs were fixed.

Release Notes: GtkSearchBar, a pop-up search toolbar, and GtkListBox, a vertical container that can sort and filter its children, were added. GtkStack gained position-dependent transitions. Various minor bugs were fixed.

Release Notes: GtkWindow gained support for client-side decorations, for use with Wayland. GtkFileChooser was improved. Various new APIs, widgets, and features were added, such as GtkHeaderBar, GtkPlacesSidebar, GtkStack, and GtkRevealer. The Wayland and Broadway backends were improved. GdkDisplayManager is no longer backend-specific. The symbol exporting functionality was refactored. Further improvements and many bugfixes were made.

  •  01 Jun 2013 21:29

Release Notes: Several minor bugs were fixed.

Release Notes: Cycle detection was added to CSS color resolving. The Broadway backend gained various improvements. Several bugs were fixed.


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