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  •  13 Apr 2006 13:03

Release Notes: This release can set different priorities to the images to show a selection of an Album. Many shortcuts make work faster. Some bugfixes were made.

  •  06 Mar 2006 10:25

Release Notes: Support for UTF-8 file- and directory names was added. New shortcuts and a rewritten fullscreen mode make the handling much easier.

  •  05 Sep 2004 19:14

Release Notes: This release allows you to create, delete, rename, and move albums. An Album can be exported/imported to 700 MB parts for easy CD backup, including a simple HTML index.

  •  23 Aug 2004 11:31

Release Notes: Keystokes have been add to the fullscreen view, improvements have been made to the exif data calculations, and a Dutch Translation has been added.

  •  15 Aug 2004 12:06

Release Notes: Primary GUI enhancements and bugfixes were done.

  •  05 Aug 2004 17:57

Release Notes: In this version, a multi-line text field was added for file descriptions. It now recreates the thumbnail if the full-size image is newer.

  •  05 Nov 2003 20:28

Release Notes: Rotation, deletion, and moving of files were implemented. gimp-remote now starts its own process. Installation hints were added in INSTALL.


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