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GNU GTick is a metronome application. It features a scale from 10 beats per minute to 1000 BPM and arbitrary beat modes (meters). It uses GTK+2 and OSS.

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  •  22 May 2008 16:02

Release Notes: Several new translations have been incorporated. Some minor bugfixes and adjustments have been done.

  •  18 Aug 2007 11:58

Release Notes: A segfault on custom sound files has been fixed.

  •  13 Aug 2007 11:13

Release Notes: This release has moved to the GPLv3 license. There are updates to Dutch, Finnish, Irish, Italian, and Vietnamese translations.

  •  05 May 2007 14:37

Release Notes: The Slovak translation has been added and a build environment change (linker options) has been done.

  •  29 Apr 2007 07:55

Release Notes: The translations to Russian, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese have been updated.

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06 Aug 2005 11:05 stigge

Re: good

Actually, I recorded the default sound from a real mechanical metronome. You just seem to be used to the modern way of practising (with a sine shaped beep sound) which in turn would sound really strange to Vivaldi himself. ;) Remember that a sine beep has a pitch which could irritate musicians. Right?

Thanks for your GUI usability remarks. Maybe I will take this into account on the next accessibility redesign of GTick...

09 Apr 2005 13:11 bcrowell Thumbs up

This is a nice app. A few suggestions:

I think the names of the two sounds should be shown as "drum" and "click" rather than "default" and "sine," whose meanings aren't obvious. I'd also suggest making the click sound the default, since that's what ordinary metronomes make, and it tends to work nicely with any style of music. (It felt a little strange practicing Vivaldi to a drum beat!)

Physically, the small size of the up and down buttons for the speed is a little awkward. I'd rather not have to put down my instrument and sit in the chair at my computer desk in order to increase the speed by one notch, but it's difficult to click on the small buttons while using the mouse standing up.


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