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  •  09 Mar 2013 19:36

Release Notes: The creation of blur thumbnails for JPEG images was fixed. Translations were updated.

Release Notes: Uploading to Facebook and all other Web services was fixed. Photos can now be imported from Facebook. Various key bindings were added. A progress dialog is now shown for long saving operations. The code was ported to GStreamer 1.0 and libsecret. Other improvements and various bugfixes were made.

Release Notes: Support has been added for WebP images. The window maximized state, the filterbar status, the video viewer volume level, the visited locations history, and the viewer sidebar status are now saved and restored. More use is made of XDG_CONFIG_HOME. Loading errors in the browser are no longer displayed using a modal dialog. Automatic completion has been added to the category entry. Images can now be rotated and cropped. Faster image modification algorithms have been implemented. Various further improvements and bugfixes have been made.

Release Notes: Reordering of files has been fixed. The key shortcut Alt+Shift+n has been added to remove files from selection n. A command has been added to open the original folder. An emblem is now shown when a file is added to a selection. Several possible crashes have been resolved. Other minor bugs have been fixed. Translations have been updated.

Release Notes: A Location dialog has been added. The Copy/Move dialog now saves the last ten chosen folders. Map view now displays a scale. A tool to import the embedded metadata into the gThumb comment system has been added. Several minor bugs, including crashes and memory leaks, have been fixed.

Release Notes: gThumb was ported to GTK+ 3 and GSettings. The libunique dependency was removed as well as the use of many deprecated functions. "Selections", similar to temporary catalogs, were introduced as a more powerful way to select files. Commenting and tagging was improved. Many other minor improvements and enhancements were made.


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