Version 1.3.0 of gitty-gitty

Release Notes: This release implements the changes made by automake 1.6. There is a script to manage CVS imports more easily.

Other releases

  •  19 Jan 2009 22:29

Release Notes: This release has been completely retested under Ubuntu Hardy Heron. !/bin/sh has been replaced by !/bin/bash because of "function".

  •  16 Apr 2007 01:44

    Release Notes: gtgt was retested under Ubuntu Dapper Drake (6.06). automake was updated to 1.9, autoconf was updated to 2.13.56, and autogen was updated to prepare-cvs-commit was renamed to Generated .cvsignore-files are automatically imported into the subversion property-list using the command "svn propset svn:ignore -F .cvsignore .". This command will be executed in all directories if it has already been set under subversion control (i.e. the .svn-directory exists).

    •  22 Feb 2003 10:08

    Release Notes: From now on gtgt automatically generates a fully elaborated spec file. With this file you can generate project RPMs by typing rpm -bb prj.spec. Project management is still organized by the automake/autoconf environment.

    •  16 Jun 2002 18:34

    Release Notes: Improvements of the adjustments onto the use of automake 1.6.2, autoconf 2.53, and libtool 1.4.2

    •  27 May 2002 18:16

    Release Notes: The sub script gptg now writes an improved version of the reconf script.


    Project Spotlight


    A utility that converts an ICC profile from v2 to v4.


    Project Spotlight


    A Web-based calendar written in PHP/SQL.