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gtex-letter attempts to deliver an easy alternative interface to LaTeX-letter. It is heavily configurable, and it supports multiple letter headers and default letter openings (which are configurable in the rc-file). Users can choose from three different levels of graphical interface complexity. Novice is easy to understand, while expert is straight-forward. There is also a non-interactive mode that makes production of standard-letters very fast. gtex-letter is implemented in Python and based on GNOME.

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Recent releases

  •  08 Dec 2001 12:29

    Release Notes: Bugs in the install-file have been solved. A variable 'telephone' has been added. The contents of the letter can now be edited in the editor of your choice. Finally the expert-mode is no longer a druid as the other modes - it is now a simple one-window widget.

    •  10 Jun 2001 22:30

      Release Notes: A date-option for filename guesses has been added, and can be accessed with __date__. Users should update the dateformat option in their config files. A standard-function for boolean values in the rc-file and options has been defined. The annoying clauses have been removed from the buttons. When you select a button, the clause is copied to the entry. Some documentation has been written but is not yet complete. If you browse for a filename, the browsing starts in the filename_guess_path. The expert-level GUI has been resized to better fit common screen sizes. The install- and uninstall-files have been restructured. The rc-fields mydvipdf, mydvips, myeditor, mylatex, myprintcommand, and myxdvi have support for the variables __filename__ and __short_filename__ (the filename without the suffix). The 'Estimado/a' opening was added to the Spanish rc-file. The address format in .gtex-letterrc.english was updated. A bug in the handling of the addressbook was solved.

      •  25 Mar 2001 18:08

        Release Notes: gtex-letter is ready for translation. A German translation is now included in the distribution. A Spanish rc-file has also been included in the distribution. The code has been enhanced with Exceptions and error handling. The limit on opening-entry was expanded from 64 chars to 1024. The splash screen was enhanced with the version and the GUI-level.

        •  06 Mar 2001 23:23

          Release Notes: This release adds support for serial letters, simpler examples of letter-headers, and the German letter-header 'g-brief' .

          •  15 Feb 2001 16:17

            Release Notes: The program can now "guess" filenames. The format of the filename to be chosen can be configured. usage-message (gtex-letter -u) has been restructured. Address formats can now be configured in the config file. (.gtex-letterrc has a new block of options called addressformat.0, etc. Please update your rc file.) An enhancement has been made to the format for the default values for openings and closings; this is for writers that compose letters in a language in which the opening/closing depends on the sex of the addressee. Only address cards with a postal address are now displayed. This release also adds a startup option quitelatex, import and save buttons for the Contents field, and an advertisement line for the LaTeX file (which can be suppressed).


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