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GTC is a game programming library for Linux. Rendering is done via a generic client. Multiple clients may connect to a game server, which will automatically keep the 3D scene graph of all clients in sync with the copy on the server. A demonstration space shooter is included. The shooter is written in Python and has less than 200 lines of code.


Recent releases

  •  21 Jul 2000 19:06

    Release Notes: Client-side scripting (in Python) and frame-to-frame coherence in the network protocol. It now seems to work with about 2KB/s instead of 10KB/s.

    •  26 Jun 2000 18:35

      Release Notes: The Python bindings are now usable.

      •  25 Feb 2000 06:35

        Release Notes: Configuration file support, SDL support, multithreading. Make install should now result in demos which are actually usable.

        •  23 Dec 1999 12:32

          Release Notes: Some 2d features (for now, just rectangles) in the scene graph and some more control on how the client renders things have been added. Work has started on Python bindings. The client can now grab the pointer (useful when using fullscreen mesafx).

          •  28 Nov 1999 23:48

            Release Notes: New stuff for deformable and multi-texture meshes (not yet integrated), a much better networking protocol (both more structured and less bandwidth hungry), and the addition of an AI to the demo shooter, so non player controlled ships will fly around and attack each other.


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