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GTacToe is a Tic Tac Toe game that features intelligent AI, network play, two player local games, and much more.

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  •  17 Apr 2005 01:10

Release Notes: The bugs that made the network not work if debugging wasn't enabled was fixed. The missing reference to errno.h was fixed, and all core/UI splitting was finished so that work can start on a common API for new GUIs such as Qt and Windows.

  •  04 Feb 2004 15:22

Release Notes: This release adds automatic saving of window position and size so that you don't have to always resize the window to your liking when it opens. A few minor bugs have been fixed, and the code has been made a lot more consistent and easier to read.

  •  15 Jul 2003 14:39

Release Notes: A bug causing the program to crash in network mode has been fixed. Connection dialogs and more error dialogs have been added. Blocking on host connections has been removed.

  •  21 Jun 2003 13:08

Release Notes: Lots of core/ui splits and code shuffling was done. Changed malloc() calls were changed to "new" and free() calls were changed to "delete". The network doesn't block on recieve anymore.

  •  17 Jun 2003 10:29

Release Notes: The status label has been changed to a status bar. The network code now works. The menu has been changed to allow network play. There is some code cleanup.


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