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Generic Software Wrappers Toolkit

The Generic Software Wrappers Toolkit allows you to wrap closed-source applications to constrain or transform their behavior. Wrappers are written that intercept system calls and other system events, and allow you to deny, transform, log, or augment the system events. They are written in a custom language that abstracts away many of the gritty issues, allowing the wrapper author to concentrate on policy. Sample wrappers include dbfencrypt, which provides transparent access to "encrypted" files; controlledx, which limits the programs a process can execute; and id-seq, a trainable sequence-based intrusion detection wrapper.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  27 Oct 2001 01:36

    Release Notes: Ability to create and drop tables from userspace, fixes for reference issues on Linux, preliminary support for Linux 2.4, and various bugfixes in the wrv interface and Java packages.

    •  27 Oct 2001 01:29

      Release Notes: Fixes for wrapper libraries, criteria can specify the controlling tty, corrected characterization for Linux and FreeBSD, new 'DELETE FROM' and 'INSERT INTO' SQL commands in wrselect, post blocks can return values, a fix for the wsi_abspath for FreeBSD, and fixes for Linux 2.2.x kernels and FreeBSD 4.x releases.

      •  27 Oct 2001 01:09

        Release Notes: Removal of the compile-time dependency on for Linux 2.2, improved installation using make, support for using tools outside of the build tree, a new wrapgen script, and numerous bugfixes.

        •  12 Dec 2000 21:55

          Release Notes: Initial public release; a license change to GPL, memory leak fixes, cleanups to the install process, better build configuration, and various crash bugfixes.


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