Version 0.8.1 of GSmartControl

Release Notes: This release disables Linux "by-id" drive detection, as it's unreliable on some broken systems. It adds some more attribute descriptions. The project's names for attributes override smartctls' now. A proper "Add Device" dialog has been added for Windows. An icon and resource file have been added for Windows. Minor bugs have been fixed.

Other releases

Release Notes: Adaptec RAID 5805 (possibly other models too), Areca, and 3ware 3w-sas RAID controllers are supported under Linux. Improved and fixed 3ware handling. Intel matrix RAID controllers are fully supported under Windows. Options to show device name and serial number under drive icons. Updated SMART attribute definitions. Warnings have been added for SSD lifetime attributes. The source has been completely documented using doxygen tags. GSmartControl is DPI-aware under Windows. This release fixes other minor bugs and makes minor improvements.

Release Notes: Full support was added for multiple drives behind a single device name. Support was added for detecting drives behind 3ware controllers (Linux, Windows), including tw_cli/cx/px mode in Windows. Beesu and su-to-root are supported by the gsmartcontrol-root script now. The attribute database and its handling (including SSD support) were completely revamped. General UI improvements and better in-program help were implemented. The parser has been updated to reflect the recent changes in smartctl. Other minor features were added and a few bugs were fixed.

  •  05 Sep 2009 22:45

Release Notes: GSmartControl now uses the XDG config directory for per-user configuration on Unix and the CSIDL_PROFILE directory on Windows. Existing configuration is migrated automatically. The names are shown correctly for unsupported devices even with the latest smartctl snapshots now. The progress bars update properly when parallel tests are run. On Windows, GSmartControl should be able to operate on any valid filesystem path (not just locale-representable ones). Parsing of multiple error types in SMART error log was fixed. Minor features were added and miscellaneous bugs were fixed.

  •  23 Mar 2009 23:47

    Release Notes: Linux Software RAID devices are blacklisted now (backported from Debian). A man page has been contributed. The smartctl version now includes the CVS snapshot date (if available). By default, "smartctl-nc.exe" is searched for on Windows instead of "smartctl.exe". An ability to use smartmontools-installed smartctl-nc.exe has been added. Other minor changes have been made.

    •  27 Dec 2008 17:46

    Release Notes: Many Windows-specific bugs were fixed. Windows 2000 is officially supported now. New scripts were added to read SMART data from cron-generated files, thus preventing the need to run GSmartControl as root for read-only tasks. Some configure system improvements were made.


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