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gsm-ussd is a small command line utility to send USSD queries via your UMTS or GSM modem. USSD queries can tell you your current prepaid account balance, the phone number of the SIM card in your modem, and a lot more, depending on your GSM net provider.

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  •  03 Jun 2011 21:56

Release Notes: A big internal redesign as a base for further development. Two more Huawei modems identified as needing PDU encoding.

  •  08 Jun 2010 22:03

Release Notes: Error message had a newline missing, an (obviously seldom called) function had swapped letters, and the options --cleartext/--no-cleartext now work (again).

  •  01 Jun 2010 07:14

    Release Notes: gsm-ussd now correctly creates lock files for the serial interface in use or quits if there is already one. If the modem is newly registered in its net, it is now given a little more time to settle before USSD queries are sent.

    •  25 May 2010 22:00

      Release Notes: Better handling of USSD response encodings, thus support for ZTE MF100 has been added. Handling of the serial interface is now done without stty, saving an external dependency and three processes per gsm-ussd call. User visible changes: xussd will now ask for queries until canceled, thus allowing the user to react to USSD sessions.

      •  21 May 2010 21:41

      Release Notes: USSD sessions are now supported. If you get a USSD response of type 1 (Further action required), gsm-ussd tells you that you have an open session. You can then use gsm-ussd to push your data into that session, or call it with "--cancel" to abort the session.


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