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GSK is a portable framework for writing flexible servers and clients in C. It includes builtin support for HTTP, DNS, base 64, XML (which is mapped onto the object system), low-level network information (like ifconfig), efficient buffering, abstract socket I/O, and abstract datagram sockets. It also can use several different polling mechanisms: BSD's kqueue() and Solaris's /dev/poll, for efficiency, as well as select() and poll() for portability. It uses the GTK+ 1.2 object system, but it includes its own local copy, so GTK+ is not required. Glib is required.


Recent releases

  •  22 May 2001 19:51

    Release Notes: Lisp-like syntax support, a fix for a thread-pool file descriptor leak, ability to destroy GskActorStreamSocket reliably from within its I/O handlers, and a few bits of new convenience API.

    •  13 Apr 2001 15:51

      Release Notes: This is a fairly stable version. Most of the API is frozen, with some potential to grow.


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      Project Spotlight

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