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gSculpt is a procedural 3D modelling application with a comprehensive set of polygon mesh editing tools.


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Release Notes: Terminal vertices can be chosen for the connect edges tool. Projects can be loaded at application start time by specifying their path at the command line. A "clean dissolve edges" shortcut key was added. The custom image loading library was replaced with the Python Imaging Library. This should alleviate problems with linking with libjpeg on some platforms. Bugs were fixed in tools that use extrusion/expansion, the graph view, the scene command tracker, and the manipulator handles.

Release Notes: Tools for picking an edge loop path and picking an edge ring path were implemented. A warning and confirmation dialog box is now shown before overwriting an existing file.

Release Notes: A virtual mirror tool has been implemented. An unsaved data warning dialog box has been implemented.

Release Notes: Procedural workflow and a comprehensive polygon modelling toolset were added.

  •  04 Apr 2001 10:06

Release Notes: The user interface was overhauled. A new 'Journal' system provides much more flexibility, as it essentially shows a list of all operations used to model an object, and allows this list to be edited. This provides the ability to correct mistakes, similar to an improved undo function.


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An OpenBSD flash read-only installer.


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