Version 0.9.2 of Grsync

Release Notes: The glade file has been updated in order to work with newer versions of the GTK libraries. A Catalan translation has been added. Some other small fixes and improvements have been implemented.

Other releases

Release Notes: The font in the rsync output box has been changed to monospace. A fix for compiling under newer versions of gcc has been applied. Log files are now appended, instead of truncated. Date and time when starting a new rsync run have been added, as well as a Traditional Chinese translation.

  •  17 Jan 2013 22:00

Release Notes: A check to disallow creation of session names with slashes in them has been implemented. Lintian fixes to man pages and the desktop file have been applied.

  •  22 Oct 2012 21:31

Release Notes: This release increases the size of the source and destination fields. It adds a Croatian translation and has updated German and Brazilian Portuguese translations.

Release Notes: This release enables session sets (experimental; please report bugs). It adds Unity support. It fixes saving of the current session when creating a new one. It has a little fix to the main window layout for the two "open" buttons, which had some overflown translations. It fixes Grsync-batch when paths had spaces in them. Global and file progress updates have been optimized. It fixes a translation problem on the "slashes" help dialog. It has an updated Dutch translation.

Release Notes: This release fixes the following bugs: didn't check the "before command" exit status correctly; some rsync window titles weren't translatable; grsync-batch couldn't find the last session in the config file; and output text was not selectable after something initially failed. A check for empty new session names has been added. Differentiated exit status in grsync-batch. Auto window resize is not only done on the first window load. Brazilian Portuguese and Indonesian translations have been added. French, Spanish, and Russian translations have been updated.


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