Version 1.8.8 of grsecurity

Release Notes: Removal of some unnecessary code, documentation/logging rewrites, new dmesg(8)/kernel module/symbol information restrictions, and several bugfixes.

Other releases

  •  13 Dec 2007 11:22

Release Notes: Fixes to PaX flag support in RBAC system. PaX updates for non-x86 architectures in 2.4.34 patch. A setpgid in chroot problem has been fixed. The randomized PIDs feature has been removed. This release fixes /proc usage in a chroot in 2.6 patch. It adds an admin role to generated policy from full learning. It resynchronizes the PaX code in the 2.4 patch. It has been updated to Linux 2.4.34 and

  •  13 Aug 2006 20:24

Release Notes: Changes include RBAC system bugfixes and two new PaX features, one which deters physical memory forensics by an attacker, and another that prevents an entire class of kernel vulnerabilities from being exploited. Updated to the 2.4.33 and Linux kernels.

Release Notes: Changes in this release include new PaX flag support in the RBAC system, interface support for RBAC network policies, additional gradm analysis, a sysctl variable for disabling the ability to load or unload kernel modules at runtime, PaX updates, and a fix for a serious RBAC bug where an admin role could be left on a restarted service if the admin exited his shell without unauthenticating from the role first.

  •  13 Nov 2005 14:25

Release Notes: This release for the 2.4.32-rc3 and Linux kernels overhauls the internals of the RBAC system, converting searching and storing of policy information to chained hash tables. Several important bugs have been fixed, and PaX has been updated for this release.

  •  05 Mar 2005 02:18

Release Notes: This release removes some unnecessary features, adds hostname support in RBAC policy configuration, improves log consistency, and fixes a critical PaX vulnerability.


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