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GRPN is a RPN calculator for the X Window system built using the GIMP Toolkit (GTK). GRPN works with real numbers, complex numbers, matrices, and complex matrices. Numbers can be displayed in 4 different radix modes, and complex numbers can be displayed in either Cartesian or polar form, in decimal or engineering notation.

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GRPN calculator has moved to GitHub 23 Dec 2012 12:10

GRPN calculator has moved to GitHub. For any further updates please refer to: For your convenience all versions up to 1.3.4 will remain at the former location:

Recent releases

  •  04 Nov 2013 05:29

    Release Notes: This release adds two binary shift operators: left shift: "lshift" (shortcut <<) and right shift: "rshift" (shortcut >>). It also contains some minor bug fixes.

    •  26 Dec 2011 08:09

      Release Notes: GRPN now uses the Pango font library and the Liberation Mono font as default (see screenshot). The default font can be overwritten with the -fn-disp commandline option. Now both keys "," and "." are always treated as decimal separators, whatever the locale is.

      •  13 May 2011 06:24

        Release Notes: A minor bug was fixed. If the decimal separator is set to "," by the locale, then the behavior of the "." button is also changed to ",".

        •  06 May 2011 19:07

          Release Notes: Clipboard support was added, with Ctrl-C. The comma is no longer a separator in complex numbers. It has been replaced by ";" and ">", since it is used as a decimal separator in some locales. Debian sources and binaries are available.

          •  29 Apr 2011 11:36

            Release Notes: Basemode defaults now to "dec", like the original version 1.1.2. A new command line option, -bm, allows you to change the default value for basemode. A GNOME icon was added. A source package and Debian/Ubuntu binaries (.deb) for i386 and amd64 are available. This release is based on a merge of the sources and the Debian patches 1.1.2-3. The 1.2 branch has been abandoned.

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            15 Nov 2009 09:22 getreu

            Version for gtk+-1.2 (tested on ubuntu 08.04-09.04) can be found in


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