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The Groff package contains the traditional UN*X text formatting tools troff, nroff, tbl, eqn, and pic. These utilities, together with the man package, are essential for displaying the online manual pages. Output can be produced in a number of formats including plain ASCII and PostScript. All the standard macro packages are supported. A number of other utilities are also included together with several fonts.


Recent releases

  •  29 Jan 2010 20:38

    Release Notes: Included in this release are implementations of troff, pic, qn, tbl, grn, refer, -man, -mdoc, -mom, and -ms macros, and drivers for PostScript, TeX dvi format, HP LaserJet 4 printers, Canon CAPSL printers, HTML and XHTML format (beta status), and typewriter-like devices. Also included is a modified version of the Berkeley -me macros, the enhanced version gxditview of the X11 xditview previewer, and an implementation of the -mm macros.

    •  14 Oct 2005 08:39

      No changes have been submitted for this release.

      •  06 Jan 2005 03:01

        Release Notes: Additional command line options. New macros, registers, requests, and scripts. Dashed and dotted ellipses have been added. Additional documentation, including man pages. Additional encoding support. Additional font work.

        •  10 Oct 2002 21:34

          Release Notes: Several new features.

          •  03 Aug 2002 06:03

            No changes have been submitted for this release.


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            Project Spotlight

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