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Griffon IDE

Griffon IDE is an IDE for HTML, Bash, Perl, PHP, C, etc. It allows the generation of source code in a few clicks, avoiding traps. It features auto completion, an integrated terminal, project management for C, SFTP mounting (mounting a directory via an ssh key), automatic replacement of text, and a session management tab.

Operating Systems

RSS Last announcement

bug corrected 1.6.5 11 Dec 2013

The segfault launch Griffon is corrected.

RSS Recent releases

  •  03 Apr 2014 12:55

    Release Notes: This new version improves the system popup for HTML preview and added features including code folding.

    •  03 Mar 2014 23:03

      Release Notes: This version fixed the preview system via Web popups, can search for a function word in a Web page, integrates DevDocs, and has some bugfixes.

      •  03 Feb 2014 16:54

        Release Notes: This release adds a system update, updated documentation, changes to the interface, a pack of icons for projects, and bugfixes.

        •  06 Jan 2014 21:57

          Release Notes: This release improves the module projects and the module todo list, improves the interface, and fixes bugs and segfaults.

          •  05 Dec 2013 01:02

            Release Notes: This version improved Webkit, ToDoList, compilation using SCons, and the installation script. The source code was purged of all compiler warnings. Many bugs were fixed.


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