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Grid Resources for Industrial Applications

GRIA is Grid middleware that enables use of the Grid in a secure, interoperable and flexible manner. It makes use of business models, processes, and semantics to allow resource owners and users to discover each other and negotiate terms for access to high-value resources. It implements an overall business process to find, procure and utilise resources capable of carrying out high-value, expert-assisted computations. By focusing on business processes and the associated semantics, it enables users to provision for their computational needs more cost effectively, and develop new business models for some of their services. Services from different providers can be combined together to create applications using a simple and easy-to-use API.

Operating Systems

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  •  20 Aug 2008 11:11

Release Notes: Significant enhancements were made to the Client API. Support was improved for client application integration (e.g. portals) and for client orchestration of complex federation scenarios. GRIA now supports the ability to dynamically discover token sources and chain multiple token issuance requests automatically. .NET client applications can be integrated directly with the GRIA client's Java API using IKVM. A new Microsoft Active Directory (Kerberos) single-sign-on service was added to the client management package.

  •  21 Dec 2007 11:56

Release Notes: This release provides significant feature enhancements to the Basic and OGSA-DAI application service packages, along with usability and performance enhancements to other packages. The Basic Application Services package has improved interoperability through its support for JSDL, and a modular plugin-based system for connecting to clustering facilities. Interoperability with .NET has also been a major focus of this release.

  •  23 May 2007 07:16

Release Notes: This release provides significant new features and usability enhancements to both the management packages and the client. The core infrastructure stack has been further aligned with key Web Service security and policy specifications. New services include a Membership Service, Registry Service, and an improved SLA service.

Release Notes: Included in this release are tools for deploying and running Taverna workflows as GRIA applications. A command line deployment tool generates GRIA application wrapper scripts and other files from a Taverna workflow. Running the deployment tool generates a new application that can be deployed to the GRIA Job service in the usual way using the Job Service Administration Web pages.

Release Notes: Changes include support for GRIA 5, including using free services, service level agreements, and integration with client management infrastructure. This release has been upgraded to Taverna 1.4.


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