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Graylog2 is an syslog implementation that stores logs in MongoDB. Messages are accepted via TCP or UDP. A Web interface allows you to view the log messages. It also implements GELF, the Graylog Extended Log Format, which is a simple JSON string that allows you to send long and structured syslog messages, which is very useful for customized application log monitoring.

Operating Systems

RSS Recent releases

  •  12 Apr 2011 13:35

    Release Notes: New features were added, such as message forwarders. Performance was greatly increased. MySQL is no longer required.

    •  09 Jan 2011 09:09

      Release Notes: A lot of new features were added. Many bug fixes and speed improvements were made.

      •  24 Oct 2010 13:03

      Release Notes: A lot of improvements and bugfixes were made. Host groups, chunked GELF, user-defined/additional GELF fields, and MongoDB replica set support were added.

      •  31 Jul 2010 21:46

      Release Notes: This is the first packaged release.


      Project Spotlight


      A lightweight library containing a number of classes and functions to ease the task of programming GTK+ programs with C++ in POSIX environments.


      Project Spotlight


      A program that identifies mislabeled samples in genotype data.