Version 6.2.1 of GRASS GIS

Release Notes: Install bugs on Solaris were fixed. Support for non-standard ETRS_1989 datum name was added. Error messages on failed startup were improved. Bugs were fixed for GCC 4.1.x and non-C locales, the geo-rectifier, and the zoom capability. Tools for generating 3D volume maps were added. Other minor bugs were fixed.

Other releases

  •  21 Feb 2012 01:07

Release Notes: This release includes over 760 updates to the source code since 6.4.1. The new wxPython graphical user interface (wxGUI) has been updated with many new features and tools. Python is now a fully-supported scripting language. This release debuts ten new modules, a new GUI cartographic composer tool, a new GUI object-oriented modeling environment, and improved infrastructure for installing community-supplied add-on modules.

  •  13 Apr 2011 21:15

Release Notes: This release fixes some bugs discovered in the GRASS 6.4.0 source code and a few new features (over 560 updates to the source code with respect to 6.4.0 have been made). As a stable release, 6.4 will enjoy long-term support. It brings a number of exciting enhancements to the GIS. The new wxPython graphical user interface (wxGUI) is debuted, Python is now a fully supported scripting language, and GRASS runs natively on a non-Unix based platform: MS Windows.

Release Notes: This release debuts the new and improved wxPython graphical user interface (wxGUI). Python is now a fully supported scripting language. This release also runs natively on Windows.

  •  27 Mar 2009 22:23

Release Notes: Since the 6.3.0 release in April 2008, more than 1450 source code modifications have been made in the 6.4.0 release branch.

  •  29 Jun 2008 07:00

Release Notes: Many fixes were made for native MS Windows support. The GRASS-SWIG prototype interface was improved. The SQL parser was extended. A partial differential equations library with OpenMP support was added. A major clean-up was done to the display architecture. A major rewrite of GUI components was done.


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A flat assembler RAD IDE.


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A C++ exception stack tracer.