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Release Notes: This release adds draw and zoom menu commands, smart window zooming, shape file and UTF-8 support, and cvtgxl, gvpack, and gvpr tools. It also fixes a bug when invoking the save dialog after page setup, and improves internal code structure.

Release Notes: Edit, render, and stop toolbar items were added, the font and color fields and panels were integrated, hand cursor panning was implemented, and auto-complete was added for most fields. User defaults are now supported. Issues with clicks on popup menus unexpectedly selecting "...", small zooms sometimes preventing full scrolling, fonts starting with ".", transparent backgrounds rendering opaque in bitmap output, and width or heights greater than 32767 pixels unexpectedly cropping bitmap output were fixed. Toolbar interaction was improved.

Release Notes: The bcomps tool was added. Zooming and resizing are now centered and reversible. A problem that prevented the line widths from thickening was fixed. The rightmost and topmost labels were missing on very wide or tall graphs, and have been fixed. Inconsistent text measurement between formats was fixed. The tool response for non-Quicktime formats was made faster. This tracks the main build of 3 Apr 2004.

Release Notes: This release adds circo layout, printing, live zooming, and error checking during rendering. It fixes large zooms causing some graphs to disappear, initial blank lines causing the graph to render very small, the scale stepper not working, the help menu reading "NewApplication", and the activity window not updating color. The graph display has been sped up. The activity window display has been improved.


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A library for manipulating sets and relations of integer points bounded by linear constraints.


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[simple | small | shell] web server

A small Web server written in /bin/sh.