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Graffiti is an RDF store based on dynamic translation of RDF queries into SQL. It allows you to map any relational database schema into RDF semantics and vice-versa, and to store any RDF data in a relational database. Since 2003, this RDF store was used as the primary means of data access in the Samizdat open publishing engine, and now it's released as a stand-alone module ready for use in other applications.


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  •  05 Feb 2012 18:53

    Release Notes: Graffiti RDF store now uses Sequel instead of DBI for relational database access. Sequel understands named parameters, so there's no more need for the awkward passing of re-ordered params list in SquishSelect#to_sql and Store#select; both methods now return just the translated SQL query. The query itself will have the column names aliased to blank node names from the Squish query where applicable.


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