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  •  08 Dec 2008 14:51

Release Notes: This release adds the capability to define templates, which define how to fetch any comics from a given site. This release also adds the StartRegex and EndRegex fields to comic definitions, and expanded SubstOnRegexResult to allow for multiple and global substitutions. This release also adds an option to fetch random comics (--random). Additionally, this release includes many module updates and fixes, and one new module for "Savage Chickens" (

  •  27 Jul 2008 07:11

Release Notes: This release adds 16 new user-contributed modules. It also fixes the "User Friendly" module to get the large version of the comic. For module developers, a SubstOnRegexResult parameter was added for performing replace operations on captured strings.

  •  04 May 2007 00:52

Release Notes: The format for comic modules has been completely rewritten. It is now much easier to write new modules.

  •  19 Nov 2002 21:57

Release Notes: Several new user-contributed modules were added. Also added a --verbose option to print progress messages.


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