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02 Jun 2000 22:56 specialagentk

This is fantastic...
gPhoto is a lifesaver. I actually made my purchase (an Olympus D450z) based partly on gPhoto's support for that model. It works really well, though it has only basic color-adjusting capabilities and no cropping, and does occassionaly crash unexpectedly. It sure does get the photos off the camera though, and thanks to gPhoto and the GIMP I still never need to wander across the room to use the Mac!

24 Jan 2000 19:07 sho0tyz

A great program
gPhoto works great with my Polaroid PDC640. It's actually much faster than the Windows software that was included with the camera. Every digital camera owner should give this a try.

20 Dec 1999 22:24 jrcichy

This is cool!!
This is great, 10min after I read the 'Works Great' post, I was downloading from my Fuji MX2900. It took longer to set up the windows version that came with the camera! One less reason to have that windows box running! THANKS.

20 Dec 1999 14:00 ward

Works great!
I'm using gPhoto with an Olympus camera, and this application is wonderful! While it still has a few limitations, it works as advertised, and I actually like it better than the app that shipped with the camera! I'm using it under Solaris and Linux, and have even compiled it for HP-UX. Nice work!


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