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GNU gperf is a program that generates perfect hash functions for sets of keywords. A perfect hash function is a hash function and a data structure that allows recognition of a key word in a set of words using exactly 1 probe into the data structure. Output from the GPERF program is used to recognize reserved words in the GNU C, GNU C++, and GNU Pascal compilers, as well as with the GNU indent program.

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RSS Recent releases

  •  28 Sep 2009 17:58

    Release Notes: This release does not include the length in the hash function if all keywords have the same length.

    •  18 Jul 2007 13:55

    Release Notes: The generated C code is compatible with gcc 4.3.x in c99 or gnu99 mode.

    •  26 Jul 2003 10:11

    Release Notes: Updated tests and documentation, and support for struct declarations of the form "struct foo;".

    •  14 May 2003 14:05

    Release Notes: This release produces smaller lookup tables, is much faster, and doesn't need guesswork from the user. Most options can now be specified in the input file rather than on the command line. Additional options allow generation of optimized code for use in shared libraries.

    •  11 Oct 2002 02:44

    Release Notes: Keywords may now be enclosed in double quotes, which permits the use of '#', ',', space or NUL inside keywords. Some bugfixes were also applied.


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