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Release Notes: Among the changes in this version are additional options for Colorbox display, increased control over menu labels, and better SEO capabilities with the option to supress usage of 'index.php'. There were also some tweaks to the editable area outline displays, modified user language options, some style changes, and a couple of bugfixes.

Release Notes: Finishing touches on the user interface and back-end for better usability, enhanced features, and increased security. Some JavaScript and CSS changes were made to fix compatibility with custom themes. Session functions were updated to properly handle the "Remember Me" option and changes to user permissions.

Release Notes: This version adds a number of features and addresses some usability issues. Added to gpEasy are a preview option in the edit dialog, contact form configuration options, and the ability to rearrange the galleries index. The multi-site plugin has been updated for better compatibility. CKEditor was upgraded to 3.2. The JavaScript code was fixed to allow nested editable areas.

Release Notes: This release candidate continues to expand on the ability to easily customize themes and increase the potential functionality of add-ons. Russian and Norwegian translations were included. Some compatibility issues and bugs were fixed.

Release Notes: This release introduces a modified interface that better indicates to the user the position of editable areas. UTF8 support was improved. A Hungarian translation was added. jQuery was upgraded to 1.4.2. Known bugs were fixed.

Release Notes: The most notable new features are the enhanced AJAX functions, drag and drop organization, and ckeditor integration with a custom file browser.

Release Notes: Users will notice an updated WYSIWYG editor (CKEditor) with a custom file browser. Improvements were also made to CSS layouts and JavaScript features. Bugs affecting file menu output, file renaming, and file uploading on Windows systems were also fixed.

Release Notes: This release primarily addresses client side code by fixing compatibility issues, reducing the footprint, and prioritizing execution. The option to customize link menu output was also added.

Release Notes: This release adds new functionality to addons for gpEasy, fixes a few bugs affecting normal usage, and introduces German and Polish installer translations.

  •  24 Nov 2009 00:11

Release Notes: This release introduces the use of REQUEST_URI instead of PATH_INFO for pretty URLs. Unicode support has been improved.


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