Version 0.2.1 of GNU Paint

Release Notes: This release has better cut and paste handling, initial implementation of image flipping and rotation, and more infrastructure changes to support interactive rotation and shearing in the future

Other releases

Release Notes: libglade is now a requirement. Some UI adjustments were made in dialogs to fit the GNOME conventions. The Gtk+ standard about box is used. GtkPrint is used to do printing when the GTK+ version is 2.10 or later.

Release Notes: New translations were added for Swedish and Brazilian Portuguese. The GTK+ requirement was updated to 2.8 or later (and Pango is now required). The color palette width is now fixed. A gpaint crash with SIGSEGV in image_from_selection() was fixed. The crash that was triggered when 0 is entered as line width was fixed. Real clipboard copy and paste and keyboard accelerators were implemented for common operations. Text drawing is now Pango-based. Multiple line text is now supported. The license was changed to GNU GPL v3.

  •  11 Jun 2007 05:28

Release Notes: pt_BR and de translations were added. A rectangular selection tool was added. Small bugs were fixed.

Release Notes: This is the initial port of gpaint to the GNOME 2 platform. It adds some minor bugfixes. Otherwise, the features are the same as the GNOME 1.4 version of gpaint.

  •  30 Oct 2002 06:56

Release Notes: Fixes were made for compatiblity with recent GNOME 1.4 platforms.


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